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I prepare an offer based on your Culture Tour selection or design a custom-made tour according to your specifications of theme, venue and cost.

Thanks to years of experience, Cultural Experience offers a broad repertoire of themes. Every tour’s details – impressive cultural locations and stimulating regional cuisine – produce a harmonious unity, individually tailored for your special event and preferences.

Each event is individually planned, intensively researched, and attractively designed to make that special day unforgettable and unique!

Special for you as well, so you can attend to business, because once the contract is with me, I see to everything: ideas, organization and execution.

I address all organizational details ranging from bus transfers or cruise bookings to the appropriate cuisine and refreshment for the high point of your Culture Tour. I also arrange for invitations or place cards and even entertainers, if desired.

I’m happy as well to take charge of only part of your event by recommending the appropriate locale or entertainers or designing a special service tailored to your needs.

Of course you can choose a Culture Tour without cuisine. As a qualified guide for your discovery event, I offer tours of venues you select such as historical places, museums, monuments, or other types of institutions. I also open art exhibits and much more…

The Network

Behind Cultural Experience is a creative and seasoned cultural-events manager with many years’ experience in projects run by various agencies as well as academic and cultural institutions. Astrid Winter’s service as a tourist guide and university guest lecturer allow her to offer you tours designed with your specific needs in mind: well-researched, varied, lively, creative and appealing.

Thanks to a multiplicity of contacts, a network exists consisting of graphic designers, entertainers – pianists, vocalists, actors, magicians etc. – who are happy to be included in the total design.

About Me

Major in art history, Romance literature and languages, German literature and culture

Former research assistant in German literature and culture under Prof. Dr. Ossner, Institute 1, Johann Wolfgang Goethe University

Graduate fellowship recipient

Ph.D. awarded on completion of a study of Marcel Proust’s A la recherché du temps perdu [Remembrance of Things Past.].

Ph.D. from Johann Wolfgang Goethe University

Employment in the communications industry (radio, print media, television, theater, public relations, consulting)

Founder of Cultural Experience

Adjunct professor, Center of Competence in Economics, Law and Society / Social and Cultural Sciences, University of Applied Sciences, Frankfurt am Main


Kronberg Castle Hotel „Friedrichshof“

Goethe-Museum Frankfurt am Main / Free German Goethe Research Institute

Büdesheim Castle

Giersch House – Museum for Regional Art, Frankfurt am Main

Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main

Frankfurt am Main, University of Applied Sciences

German Federal Committee for Maintenance of National Monuments, Bonn

German government expert for culture and media

KPMG Business Consulting

Deutsche Bank

Seligenstadt’s Art Forum

Cultural Advisory Board, Frankfurt

Friends of Frankfurt

1200th Jubilee in Praunheim: Contemporary Praunheim Artists from Hans Steinbrenner to Ilse Hannes

Culture Tours Program

Goethe, Women and Wine

As a young man, Goethe expressed exuberant praise not only for his parents’ wine cellar but also for women. Goethe, women and wine harmonized beautifully throughout his life. This tour follows in the footsteps of Goethe’s female companions including his first fiancée from Offenbach; Maxe la Roche from Ehrenbreitstein, whose dark eyes provided inspiration for “Lotte” in Werther and whom Goethe lost to Brentano; and Marianne von Willemer, who, in the role of Suleika, became the 66-year-old Frankfurt visitor’s Muse. Here is a wealth of sensual discovery inspired by Goethe’s culture and wine.

Goethe in his Youth

Goethe’s first twenty-six years under his parents’ roof in Frankfurt reveal a fascinating picture of his childhood and youth, the individual with all his fears, preferences and mischief, his relationship to family members and friends. Eighteenth-century days in Frankfurt spring to life as a poetic genius takes his first steps. Goethe appreciated family celebrations, and in this tradition the youthful Goethe tour may conclude.

Goethe in Wetzlar: Lotte and the Law

Goethe’s years at the Wetzlar court of law were sweetened by association with pleasant society, with Charlotte Buff eternalized as “Lotte.” But the horrific circumstances at court, as Goethe analyzed them, remain of interest to today’s attorneys and laypersons as well. On this tour of Frankfurt’s nearby neighbor you’ll learn how Goethe tempered the dryness of law with variety in his social contacts.

Goethe on the Rhine

When Goethe was still living with his parents in Frankfurt, he would visit the beautiful Maxe in Ehrenbreitstein. Not only did the Roche family welcome their guest warmly, but also the Brentanos in Ostrich-Winkel. They were fascinated by their mature visitor’s love of food and drink. Castle Biebrich in Wiesbaden made Goethe’s acquaintance when he visited the beautiful Rhine as Minister of Culture with the Stolberg brothers. Goethe and the Rhine – there wine is not in short supply and was, in fact, a magnet for spa guests of the time. Surprise, pleasure and well-being are yours on this tour of Goethe’s paths along an imposing stream.

Frankfurt, City of Fairs, Markets and the Stock Exchange

Business was always conducted in Frankfurt – products arriving by land, ship, and air. This tour follows the exuberant development of Frankfurt from the free fair and trading market of the middle ages to the home of the stock market, industry and capital – and this despite citizens’ belief, as late as the closing years of the 19th century, that their city would remain modest, as Goethe had predicted, and would never become industrialized in the sense we understand today. Enjoying wonderful traditional Frankfurt cuisine you will see how Frankfurt didn’t miss the boat, yet kept its original flavor and flair.

The New Frankfurt – Ernst May and Ferdinand Kramer: Pioneers of Social Welfare Architecture

Industrialization, with its migration of workers and employees at the close of the First World War, did not leave Frankfurt untouched. On the contrary: a unique partnership between architecture and politics brought world renown to Frankfurt’s social welfare apartment buildings. In only five years, innumerable apartments in the New Building Style appeared, and were far more than the simple realization of Gropius’ lines. Rather, they linked the large city with nature. Aimed not only at architects, this tour will appeal to anyone interested in better understanding the inter-war years by means of Ernst May, Ferdinand Kramer and their structuring of social history. The common areas planned to benefit apartment dwellers will frame our enjoyment of international cuisine.

Touring industrialization, technology and cultural history in the Frankfurt area since the 1880s

„Frankfurt is an economic giant with a midget’s image” – so stated a company in Frankfurt. This tour will show you how fully undeserved such a viewpoint is, for business and cultural life are not mutually exclusive, especially in the Gründerzeit, after 1880, when the two nourished each other. Names such as Cassella, Adler and Höchst, founders of local companies, earned world renown and contributed to the first “corporate identity,” in sponsorship of social welfare dwellings. Many contemporary start-ups have come into the inheritance left to them by forerunners on the Hanauer or Mainzer boulevards. Old and new melts into an interesting symbiosis, ripe for discovery. And of course, no one will leave the Hanauer boulevard, with its pride of new eateries, hungry.

A History of Apple wine

The largest apple wine producers, Höhl and Possmann, founded in the 18th century, belong today to the brand leaders in sales of their unique product. Already in the sixteenth century, apple wine was manufactured on a large scale, but the real history goes back as far as Charlemagne, 1200 years ago. Many Frankfurt physicians recommended apple wine to their patients – it is supposed to stimulate circulation and slow aging, two good reasons not to miss this tour, naturally including wine tasting in several flavors, sipped from traditional rippled glasses.

Kings, Emperors, Art and Commerce – Frankfurt’s History and Culture

Charlemagne, the German Bull, the electors’ and coronation city under the Holy Roman Empire, trade fairs, the stock exchange and Goethe: Frankfurt’s history and culture are multi-faceted, as are its culinary specialties whose allure we’ll enjoy on this tour.

Destiny and Mission of the „99 Day Empress“

For anyone with a weakness for emperors, empresses and castles: this tour features Victoria, heir to the British throne, and Friedrich Wilhelm, crown prince of Prussia, “Vicky” and her “Fritz,” England, Prussia and German destiny, placed in the hands of their son: Wilhelm II, the last German emperor. In Kronberg you can follow the many trails left by this socially engaged and artistically inclined woman as well as explore the relationship to her first son, Wilhelm II. And all this “thanks” to the annexation of Bad Homburg and Kronberg to Hessia-Nassau by Prussia in 1866, bringing Berlin-Potsdam much closer. The 99-day Empress’s widow’s home, now a restaurant and hotel in Castle Kronberg, offers the perfect culinary frame to enjoy this culture tour.

Kronberg’s Artists’ Colony

Kronberg, ideally situated at Frankfurt’s doorstep, fascinates not only by virtue of its fortress standing guard on high over the town. It was the center for one of Europe’s important artists’ colonies and home to Germany’s last Empress once she was widowed at the death of Emperor Friedrich. Kronberg’s fascinating ambiance radiates from its old city hub, the fortress as well as museum dedicated to the artists’ colony. In royal fashion, this tour, too, includes dining fit for a king.

Caesers, Kings and Emperors in Bad Homburg

The Saalburg fortress was reconstructed on the initiative of the last German emperor, Wilhelm II. Presently, the Limes – furthermost Roman line of defense – is being considered by UNESCO for listing as a World Cultural Heritage site. Unique neighbor to the former Roman encampment is the spa city and castle of Bad Homburg whose prince became a literary figure under Kleist’s pen. Dining will echo the local advice to treat yourself exceptionally well.

Marburg – Saint Elizabeth’s city

A Hessian jewel, Marburg has Germany’s oldest red-brick, high-ceilinged church whose history includes not only a saint, but also Friedrich the Great, an honorable university and renowned scholars. Charity and spirit, science and healing combine in a fascinating symbiosis in this town on the river Lahn with its special garden of Eden, sure to seduce mind and senses of all who choose this soothing culture tour.

Darmstadt, Hub of Lifestyle Reform

Industrialization produced antagonistic political fronts that isolated individuals, tearing them from their accustomed social moorings. As a result, around 1900, a reform movement arose encompassing all areas of life and mind. Artists like Peter Behrens and Joseph Maria Olbrich saw their actions as resistance against untruth and alienation from nature, their answer expressed in architecture and art. This tour presents the fascinating efforts of this artists’ and reformers’ colony as their members strove for wholeness of body and mind.

The Roman Rhine

Forceful current, a river in song, a necklace of castles and ruins invite you to look inward as you enjoy romantic cuisine. The Rhine, river of the Loreley, is long; the poets who sing about it numerous; and we will enjoy many regional variations, on either shore, throughout our trip. Whether it be the castles of the Rheingau or Rheinhessen, each fortress and village has its own special history, enhanced by the story of its varied wines. Wine tastings in idyllic wine cellars and restaurants are a highpoint of this culinary tour.

Wiesbaden – Imperial City and home of roulette

The Hessian capital, Wiesbaden, invites visitors to enjoy its history as the spa of the Geman emperor and preferred destination of the international casino set. Beautiful villas, a flowering park and fascinating games continue to seduce the tourist who discovers not only imposing architecture but also imperial cuisine.

Fulda – from Boniface to Baroque

1250 marked the death of Saint Boniface, 1260 years ago. Since then the monk Sturmius, under contract to the “Apostles of Germany,” founded 744 Benedictine Monasteries all over the central part of the country. Tour participants learn about the glory of these monasteries during the Middle Ages as well as the baroque era that still dominates the cityscape and gestures toward princely abbots and bishops. Pleasures both secular and religious meet in a unique symbiosis in Fulda, inviting us to dine in that high spirit.

Museums in Frankfurt

Are you curious to see the latest exhibition in the Giersch House – Museum of Regional Art, in the Städel, the Schirn, the Liebig Museum or others? We will be happy to inform you about the latest or returning exhibitions and accompany you with expert guidance. For instance:

Giersch House – Museum of Regional Art

The Städel
Seasonal Tours: selected pictures by famous artists at Easter, Christmas or other thematic constellations

Liebig House – Museum of old sculptures
History of European plaster casting in segments: from ancient times through the Middle Ages and mannerism to classicism.

Proust Special

Naturally you first associate Proust with France – but venues of Proustian fascination can be found in the Rhein-Main region as well. Proust’s novel A la recherché du temps perdu (Remembrance of things past) can be read as a series of luncheons, dinners, suppers and breakfasts which, when woven into special events, can be tailored to the gourmet’s taste. Even if you aren’t an admirer of Proust, this presentation is sure to make you one, embellished with musical accompaniment to seduce you into the world of Proustian spirit, flavor and sense.

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